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궁금한게 있나요? 답을 얻으셨나요?

작성: lukesextalker 2018.9.21
Ever run into a person on here?

작성: Rajones69 2018.9.21
Advice for a partner that cums after only two pumps

작성: BBWblkPrettyGirl 2018.9.20

작성: Andycondappr 2018.9.20
Love making (Sex) is a gift of God?

작성: sussi1028 2018.9.19

작성: Curiousthatsall9 2018.9.19
Why is it so hard for a M/F couple to find a F for a rhreesome?

작성: Madhnt 2018.9.19
Eminem V MGK.

작성: StolenNecta 2018.9.19
What’s wrong with being on dating/adult sites in the eyes of others?

작성: 6ftsexyFun 2018.9.19
What do you think makes people fall out of love?

작성: TubbyT_Turner 2018.9.18
What is it called when you ask a question that is not meant to be answered?

작성: TubbyT_Turner 2018.9.18
IM messenger

작성: longnthick9_882 2018.9.18

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